6 Effective Ways to Create Effective Print Ads

6 Ways to Create Effective Print Ads

If you have no results from your direct mailer campaign, it's time to re-evaluate your print ad. 

Check out our Sure Win Methods to Create Effective Print Ads that SELL!

# 1: Use a POWERFUL Headline to GRAB attention

- Crack your brain for a Powerful headline that makes an impact for the reader to continue reading the content to find out more. Ads that sell on benefits and results often drive results and are most effective.

If your headline is normal and nothing usual, Do not waste money on your print ads. It will end up in the waste bin.

#2: Your ad must have a USP - Unique Selling Proposition Content

Good ads deliver clear proposition with a catchy slogan!

#3: Be Relevant

Know WHO are your audience, what are they looking for, what are their problem and needs. Target your Ad Message & Engage them RIGHT. Relevant Message Equates to Action!

#4: Get to the Point FAST

If your print ad fail to deliver the benefit statement within 3 min, you have LOST your customer. You do not have the luxury of their time to read all your message. Get to your key message FAST!

#5: Strong CALL for Action

Ad message must be clear with strong intend & impact to cause customer to ACT upon immediately. Keep it catchy and simple for QUICK Action!

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