Printing Services in Singapore

How to choose a good printing company in Singapore?

1. Quality

Low cost printing should not compromise quality of the print. 

We need to take note that different companies may produce very different prints for the same piece of artwork,due to the level of technology and skills. 

The best solution to this is to request for a sample of your work, an arrangement mutually agree between you and the printer.

2. Price 

It is always wise to compare with a few quotations to ensure you are charged fairly and within your budget.

If some companies do charge you more, do not simply opt them out but ask them for justifications of any special techniques etc.

3. Turnaround Time

Do check out the turnaround time of the printer and request for quicker turnaround if your printing work is urgent. Printing includes both printing lead time and delivery time.

4. Delivery Fee

Some companies provide free deliveries for your printing work and others charge delivery fees.  Do check it out before confirming the work. Delivery fee may be higher is you expect expedite delivery.

At Print Connext, We have several years of professional years. 

In ensuring your printing quality meet your expectation, we perform colour proofing on every artwork coupled with the superior printing technology. 

We aim to achieve superior printing experience through quality printing at low cost.

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